Side by Sides

Side by Sides

Sticker Designs: The Squeaky Cheese & The Scraper

The Squeaky Cheese (above) was inspired by my father’s Maverick that tended to squeak over bumpy terrain. We discovered this while out west on a vacation with family friends. Our friends knew the trails, so they took the lead with my father bringing up the rear. I was in The Scraper (below) and when we came to a stop, we could hear the squeaks behind us and we knew that The Squeaky Cheese wasn’t far behind.

The Scraper (below) was inspired by a four-seater rental we got out west. Since it could hold four people, the vehicle was much longer than the other vehicles. As we would come across obstacles on the course, we would tend to bottom out, leading to the name: The Scraper. We scraped lots of rocks, but we could also get through the obstacles much easier due to the length of the vehicle.

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