TrueVine Lawn Care

TrueVine Lawn Care


Logo and Branding

Goals: have a cross, organic features: vines, versatile

TrueVine Lawn Care is a company that specializes in mowing, lawn treatment, and landscaping. The company is located in rural Illinois and wanted a logo to put on their trucks and lawn equipment, as well as t-shirts and uniforms.



TrueVine was one of the most satisfying projects I’ve worked on. When I first started the concepts, I was stumped about how to get a cross, which is rugged and has straight edges, to get along with the concept of a vine, which has lots of curves and moves unpredictably. After many sketches, I found a great match between the two.

The logo is two color but can be a solid as well. The colors are inspired by fresh green grass!

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